Bulbine natalensis V-Caps 60’s. (35% more testosterone in 2 weeks).

Safe, effective, testosterone stimulant. The original Bulbine Natalensis brand since 2008. Bulbine MAX 5:1 is a safe and effective way to rapidly increase your testosterone levels without negative side effects.
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A unique and authentic Bulbine natalensis extract with verified results for those who appreciate quality and integrity in a supplement.

What does our product offer?

1. Authenticity:

Afrigetics is an award winning South African company that specialises in wild harvested indigenous herbs and our freeze-dried, cold water soaked Bulbine natalensis extract is exported to companies across the globe. In order to assure our customers we have developed the first verification standard using HPTLC to identify true Bulbine natalensis. This process required a horticulturist verified Bulbine natalensis voucher specimen to be compared to other local Bulbine species – the result is that we can verify that each batch of Bulbine produced is 100% pure Bulbine natalensis.

2. Efficacy:

We have performed a simple in-house trial of our proprietary Bulbine natalensis extract which has shown good results. Our Bulbine extract was taken by a single subject and blood tests were used to determine testosterone production. The results were verified by a doctor and showed a 35% raise in testosterone in only 2 weeks.

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Trial results prove significant testosterone spike after 2 weeks: 

A two week informal trial was conducted on a 38 year old male using a daily dosage of Bulbine extract. The subject was a healthy 38 year old male weighing 78kg. The subject was asked to supplement 2 vegecaps each containing 360mg Bulbine PE (720mg total) daily before bed and continued to take them from a period starting 13 Dec 2010 to 31 Dec 2010. Blood tests were conducted once at the beginning of the trial and once at the end of the trial and then in 3 periods of roughly 2 to 3 weeks (19 Jan 2011, 9 Feb 2011, 24 Feb 2011).


The initial results suggests that total and free testosterone were both increased by the use of supplementing Afrigetics Botanicals Bulbine PE by about 35% in a period of 2 weeks and remained high for 21 days. The conclusion was that there was sufficient preliminary evidence to show that Bulbine PE by Afrigetics Botanicals could in fact raise testosterone (TT and FT) by around 35% in about 2 weeks and remained high for nearly two months.

Test Type 13/12/2010 31/12/2010 19/01/2011 09/02/2011 24/02/2011  
Total Testosterone 13.0 17.7 17.9 16.8 13.5  
SHBG 25.7 28.2 28.3 27.2 26.9  
Free testosterone 301 407 412 385 307  
*Oestradiol Not tested 88 129 124 73  

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